(July 2015 – August 2016)

Isometric puzzle game. Based on the design the game should have map with towers. Each tower should contain several levels in isometric dimension with puzzles inside. Levels should be built using several mechanics like: obstacles, heights, gravitations, liquids, arrows, ice, enemies etc.

(The following gifs gallery can take some time to loading.)


I have implemented isometric engine inside Unity. I used Unity 2D sprites system for that. Isometric engine contains topologic sprites sorting, simple isometric physics, animations in isometric dimension, collisions, triggers and simple shaders for tiles lightings.

I have implemented levels editor based on Unity editor extensions features. It allows to create levels inside Unity, using drag and drop and objects parameters changing.

All technical tasks had been implemented. But the game was not published. The game needed a lot of levels design. I don’t know the future of the ‘Towers’ game.