Button Sounds Editor for Unity

For what?

  • It helps when you have Unity engine game.
  • It helps when you use Unity UI and <Button> component for all buttons.
  • It helps when you use EventTrigger with PointerClick event.
  • It helps when you have many buttons in the scene and you have to add click sound to them all.
  • It helps when you have to edit click sound for buttons, periodically.

How To Use.

  1. Download the latest version of editor from github.com: Button sounds editor.
  2. Install <ButtonSoundsEditor.unitypackage> into your project.
  3. Open the scene with <Button> or <EventTrigger> components.
  4. Open the editor window from menu <Window -> Utils ->Button sounds editor>Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 23.18.25
  5. Editor window will be opened.step2
  6. All click sounds are played using audio source. If you have audio source for this purposes, you can assign it to the <Audio Source> field. Also, you can create new audio source using the <Create> button or manually.
  7. Set the click sound to the <Click Sound> field.step3
  8. Click <Add click sound to ALL> button. All buttons have click sound, now.step4
  9. Play the game and test.

How it works.

  • Editor uses the <Button Click Sound> component with two parameters: <Audio Source> and <Click Sound>.Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 00.08.34
  • Editor adds/removes<Button Click Sound> component to game object with <Button> or <EventTrigger> component. And passes parameters from the editor window.
  • On <Awake> component subscribes on button click event for <Button> or on PointerClick event for <EventTrigger>. Callback plays <Click Sounds> audio clip, using <Audio Source> audio source in the click handler.


  • Editor allows to assign different sounds to different buttons. Use button’s row for that.
  • Editor allows to play sound, using <Play> button in editor.
  • Editor shows image for the selected button, its text and path to the game object in the scene, for better buttons control in single window.


github assets_store donation
The latest version of editor. Free editor in Unity Assets Store. You can donate me 5$ using PayPal