29 December, 2018 – Boss

Razorvine is new complex boss with unique mechanics. It is not easy to beat him in first several meetings. Player has to investigate him and understand weak places.

Boss appearing visual effect

Additional to monster mechanics and balance I experimented with visual effects. I wanted to have possibility to highlight any brick on monster and I developed solution using special shader.

Weak places revealing

28 December, 2018 – Secret reward revealing.

The secret reward revealing is new implemented feature.This is one of the game core mechanics. It should always be useful to find monster’s secret in each battle. If player finds a monster secret it gets a reward when he back to dungeon. This is extendable mechanic as a reward can be different. The current version has following rewards: gold drop, reveal gold in walls and reveal chests in walls.

Gold drop.
Gold drop and revealing in walls.

3 December, 2018 – New DevLog start.

Last two months development process was slow. I didn’t make any marathons. There were tasks which I put into the previous sprint. When new sprint starts development process becomes really interesting as I can select the most fun and easy tasks from sprint and postpone most boring and not convenient tasks. After that I get situation when sprint contains only boring and postponed before tasks, the backlog invites me with many new fun tasks but I have to finish current sprint at first and I don’t have to touch any tasks from the backlog. Postponed tasks are important. They are boring. They are not convenient. But they have to be done! And now I have finished the previous sprint. I have done all tasks from it. And I am ready to start new sprint.

I look at git and I see 51 commits since my last DevLog post. Not a bad in general but a poor result for two months.

Soon, I am going to briefly describe what I have done in this commits and I am going to switch to the new sprint after that.

Finally, you can see on above screenshots how badly I write commit’s titles and you can help me with links where I can read any commit’s title writing rules. I wonder how I can to do this better.

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